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Guest Post: The Top Five Kitchen Trends for 2013

A kitchen is the focal point of many homes and comes in for a lot of use, but many of us seem to have somehow allowed time to pass by when it comes to keeping up with trends in kitchen design. This year, give your kitchen a treat and bring the look and feel of your room bang up to date with a makeover. Here are the top five latest trends to consider in your remodeling plans.

New Countertops

One of the best ways of updating your kitchen is by installing new countertops and quartz is the material of choice according to kitchen designers. Stone countertops are losing their share of the market due to the surge in sales of quartz countertops, understandable when you consider they require little or no maintenance and are virtually damage proof. Their durability is a key factor and the largest provider of home insurance quotes noted that homeowners could benefit from avoiding potential accidental damage claims as a result of fitting quartz, meaning you will have a stylish new look and it could even save you from needing to claim for repairs that might have been required previously.

Hardwood Floors

If you currently have linoleum on your kitchen floor, then switching to a hardwood floor will not only be staying on trend but it will also give you the opportunity to create a whole new look and natural feel to your kitchen which will be stylish and more durable than your existing floor. Real hardwood floors can be quite hard work to install and also to maintain, so you can also consider some alternatives that will still give you that classic wood floor look but without the maintenance and installation issues. One alternative is engineered wood flooring which is made from a plywood base and finished with a real hardwood veneer, or you could also use porcelain tile that is made to look like wood, which has even less maintenance involved and is more tolerant to water spillages.


The range of gadgets and appliances that we use in our kitchen has not really changed much for a number of years now but what is evolving are the features that they incorporate. Commercial style stoves are a hot item in 2013 as they feature a wider range of cooking features compared to a conventional cooker and if you are wanting to add one new gadget in your kitchen makeover then a hot water dispenser is a must-have item in any remodeled kitchen plans. They are really useful for providing instant hot water without having to boil a kettle, especially when making drinks or even preparing a stock.

Kitchen Cabinets

Many of us have to consider budgets when it comes to remodeling any room in our house and the kitchen can be very expensive to do if you are starting from scratch. Refacing cabinets rather than replacing them is another strong trend amongst kitchen designers and just changing the doors rather than the whole cabinet is a great way of getting a new look whilst keeping an eye of the finances. The design style that is proving popular at the moment is simple and sleek so keep it plain but contemporary if you want to follow the current trend.

New Sink

A sink can instantly date a kitchen and fitting a new one can transform the whole look of the room if you get it right and are prepared to spend a little bit more and get something more stylish as well as functional. Deep bowls are the way to go at the moment and you should choose one large bowl rather than two, preferably in good old stainless steel which retains its popularity as a result of being very durable and retaining its condition well over a period time.

Get working on your new kitchen design now and enjoy a new look in 2013.

Stephen Catalano enjoys decorating his home and following the latest decor trends. He blogs about home decor and other home related subjects for a variety of blogs online.