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Guest Post: Creative Storage for the Cluttered Kitchen

For many households, the kitchen is a hub of activity. People preparing food together and enjoying delicious meals. Children doing school projects and homework at the kitchen counter. Friends gathering to reminisce about old times and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine. Due to all of this activity, kitchens (whether they’re small or large) tend to become a cluttered catchall in the blink of an eye. Here are some creative ideas to conquer that clutter:

If your kitchen is one of the many that’s severely lacking in terms of cabinet space, it doesn’t mean that your countertop has to pay the price by being obscured with piles of stuff. Instead, get creative, and go vertical. Your walls offer the perfect opportunity to get organized, so try:

A Magnetic Spice Rack

Instead of having nearly empty spice bottles taking up valuable cabinet real estate or a spice rack cluttering your countertop, invest in a magnetic spice rack. They can easily be attached to a wall (even near the stove) so that spices are within easy reach whenever your cooking.

A Pegboard

Look to Julia Child, a queen of the kitchen, for storage inspiration and hang a framed pegboard on the wall. Pegboards are relatively inexpensive, easy to find (check your nearest home improvement store), and can be painted to match the style and color scheme of the rest of your kitchen. You can hang a variety of utensils on a pegboard from ladles to colanders to oven mitts.

A Hanging Plant Bin

By installing a metal rod (like a towel rack), you an make use of hanging plant bins for storage. They’re great for getting organized. you can use them to hold rolled up dish and hand towels or utensils.

If your kitchen is blessed with cabinets but the space is filling up fast or is simply awkward (ex. really deep cabinets) be sure to use every inch to its full potential. To take advantage of the space, try:

A Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan or two are great ways to keep cabinets neat. Instead of having to take everything out of a cabinet and then put it all back, you can give the Lazy Susan a little spin and have everything you need at your fingertips.

A Cabinet Door Organizer

Don’t limit yourself to just the space in a cabinet – make use of the door as well. You can purchase organizers that will hang on the back of a cabinet door to keep things such as sponges, scrubbing brushes, and dish rags tidy and easily accessible.

A Wire Rack/Drawer

Don’t waste any space within the cabinet. Install wire racks and drawers within the cabinet to create different sections.

While your countertop should be orderly and for the most part clean so that it can function as a workspace, don’t hesitate to put parts of it to work. To incorporate storage on your countertop try:

A Vase

Use a decorative vase to keep commonly used utensils together and at your fingertips. Simply stick your most often used wooden spoons, tongs, ladles, whisks, and etc. in a vase of your choice. However, make sure to give these utensils a quick rinse before use as dust, pet hair, and other debris in the air will settle on them.

A Dish Drainer

If you have relatively thin cookbooks, folders with recipes in them, or cooking magazines the slats in a dish drainer may be just the way to neatly keep these items close at hand. Don’t be worried about having an ugly dish drainer in plain view on your counter. Dish drainers come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. With a little time and patience, you’re sure to be able to find one that fits right in with the rest of your kitchen decor.

If you still need more storage in your kitchen, get innovative. Look to the storage containers and devices you’re using in other rooms and think of ways you could use them in the kitchen. For instance, a bathroom medicine cabinet can be hung on the kitchen wall to make a spice rack. You can even paint over the glass with chalkboard paint and viola – you’e got a great place to leave messages for your family. You can turn a bookshelf into a pantry and dresser into a linen chest that holds tablecloths, dish rags, and hand towels. All it takes is a little thinking outside the box.

Don’t let your kitchen become a cluttered place that only serves as a somewhat frightening layover for friends and family as they pass through to more hospitable parts of the house. No matter what challenges your kitchen presents there are creative storage ideas that can tame disorder and conquer clutter.

Article contributed by Alex Webb for Stone Statements – Cincinnati’s granite countertops supplier. Alex Webb is an HGTV addict who loves organizing and exploring new interior design materials and techniques.

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