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Sarah Harman

Five Points to Consider When Choosing Landlord Furniture Packages

There are numerous ways landlords can benefit from renting furniture to dress their rental properties.  Many prospective tenants prefer furnished properties,

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so the target market is automatically broader. It can also make the end of tenancy process smoother and easier for all concerned, and furnished properties can be let for a higher price than unfurnished properties.

If your property is situated near a university or language school you will find it easier to let to students from overseas if the property is fully furnished.

Expensive shipping costs and visits home mean it is more cost-effective for them to leave their own furniture behind. The students and their parents also want to avoid spending money on furniture they will only use short-term and have

If you intend to rent your property to students, who often move in groups but don’t necessarily see out the entire contract together, a fully furnished property means it is easier in the event of people moving out or into the property mid contract. Students will be attracted to a property that is furnished as they tend not to own any large furniture items. In particular, furnished communal areas such as the living room, will appeal to students. It also makes for a more harmonious lifestyle for the students themselves, as you have helped eliminate any ownership quibbles. to ship back or sell onwards after their study has finished.

For short term lets it is also advisable to rent the property out fully furnished. Short-term tenants such as those in a property chain will likely have their furniture in storage while they wait to move into their new home. By providing furniture for them they will be much more likely to rent the property, and possibly at a slightly higher price – convenience is imperative. If your target market is holidaymakers, the market rate will be even higher, and of course in this scenario you will definitely be required to provide a furnished property. Nobody wants to take a holiday in an empty house!

Perhaps your property is in a less favourable location or an unattractive building. By hiring contemporary and appealing furniture you can tempt potential tenants with beau

tiful décor and stylish furnishings. This will result in you increasing your profit margin as your property will spend less time unoccupied.

Five points to consider when choosing landlord furniture packages: 

1)      all furniture and electrical appliances must be HSE compliant and fit for purpose

2)      the furniture quality is of a standard suitable for long-term usage

3)      the furniture is practical for reasonable cleaning purposes

4)      a clear and accurate description of all the furniture is provided in the Inventory  

5)      obtain a VAT invoice suitable for accounting and tax offsetting purposes

A quick, simple online search for “furniture hire UK” will help you save time both at the beginning and end of renting out your property. Whether you decide to sell up, rent to a long term tenant equipped with their own furniture or even occupy the property yourself, you’ll have eradicated the time-consuming resale, with just a few mouse clicks!