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Thomas Mulrooney

5 Home DIY Tasks Best Left to the Professionals

DIY Electrocution

We get it. You’re reading a blog which has the primary goal of helping you through DIY projects, but that doesn’t mean you should carry out all those DIY projects that need doing around the house yourself. There has to be a point where you need to stop and ask yourself the question; “Can I really do this? Should I really do this?” If you’re unsure about the answer then stop, as carrying on is a sure fire way to causing a DIY disaster.

I’ve not exactly been immune to DIY disasters myself, thanks to trying out something I wasn’t sure about and subsequently turning one of my bedrooms into a mini ocean. It’s not just accidentally causing damage or royally screwing up a project though, your safety could be compromised. You could end up being the victim of a nasty accident, even one that could cause a fatality. No DIY project is worth putting your life in danger, no matter how much other people are nagging you to complete the task.

So here are 5 tasks you shouldn’t be doing yourself. Call in the professionals instead, as that’s their job at the end of the day.

Home Electrical Work

We’re not talking about something as simple as changing a light bulb here, but starting to mess around with electrical wires is an activity that’s best avoided. There are mountains of electrical regulations out there, so even if you know exactly what you’re doing (which is unlikely if you’re not a qualified electrician) any work you do could be deemed illegal. There’s also the danger that you could easily kill yourself with an electrical shock, so leave it to the professionals. Even if you think you know what you’re doing don’t let that overrule your common sense. Electricity isn’t something that should be experimented with.

Advanced Plumbing

There are quite a few tasks that fall under ‘plumbing’ that you can do yourself. Fixing leaking taps, fitting new taps, and even putting in a new toilet are simple enough for the average person to do. When it comes to tasks that are going to modify water-supply lines, heating systems or installing complicated equipment you need to call in a plumber. In our industry we’ve seen people who have made a real mess of their bathrooms trying to do something that a plumber should have been called for, and believe me when I say that the results aren’t pretty!


Whenever I’m watching home renovation shows on TV I inevitably end up seeing someone swinging a sledgehammer at a wall. It looks like a lot of fun, but you can’t just pick one up yourself and start swinging. For starters, that wall you want to knock through could be a load bearing wall. If that’s the case then you can probably say “bye bye” to half of your house – and that isn’t going to be cheap to repair! Save yourself the hassle and get someone in to properly assess it, which also makes sure you stick to the guidelines for this sort of thing.


You may be sat in the garden one day – enjoying a nice cold beer – when you spot a few loose roof shingles on the roof. Being a DIY person you’ll probably think nothing of getting up there and replacing them yourself, but it takes a lot more work than you may initially think. Even if the job seems simple to you, like other entries on this list, you may be underestimating the work and effort required to do the job. One slip on a roof can give you a quick trip back to the ground, especially if you’ve gone up there without any safety gear. Carrying things up and down a ladder all day can also get tiring, so you may be more tired than you think and thus be more prone to making mistakes. Leave it to a roofer, as again the cost is a small price to pay when it comes to your safety.


Absolutely in no circumstances should you try repairing gas appliances yourself. Say your boiler broke and you want to save money by fixing it yourself. Not only are you risking an explosion (and one that could literally blow up half the street) but you may think you’ve fixed it correctly only for a build-up of gas causing the people in your home to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Instead, don’t touch it. Call someone in who’s on the Gas Safe Register, and always keep a carbon monoxide detector nearby just in case.

Don’t skimp on the professional work just to save money, you and your families safety is far more important than saving a few pennies.

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This article was written by Thomas Mulrooney from Regardless of the above information there are still plenty of jobs the average person can do around the house, and ToolBox stocks the cheap DIY tools you need for the job.

  • Nicole Healing

    That graphic’s hilarious! Some good points in this article. I don’t think I’d ever attempt any of these tasks though – far too scary! Even moving house seems like a job I want to pass over to the professionals these days, and with quality landlord furniture packages available I don’t really see any reason to bother buying my own furniture for now!